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Horary astrology is an ancient branch of astrology horoscope astrologer attempts, received a question, he's a horoscope for the exact time of the request and understood by the astrologers answered. There is disagreement among astrologers of the time, whether the use of the calls for the application - the customer - or the location of the astrologer. They are usually found in the same place, but now many astrologers work online and by phone.

These days, the consultant in Australia and send an email with the consultation of an astrologer in Europe. The chart in this case entirely different. Many European experts to the position of the consultant, but there are strong voices in the traditional English schools to advocate the use of the website of the astrologer. Horary is for centuries in India as Prasna Shastra (Sanskrit Prasna = request) practiced known. It is a branch of Vedic astrology, which is still used widely in the Indian subcontinent. The most advanced is the Deva Prasna Prasna Astamangalam and methods of Kerala. The state of Kerala, India, is now famous for its traditional use of astrology zone.

The English astrologer William Lilly was the last great astrologer of the time, and probably the best time in the history of the doctors.

Horary astrology has its own strict technique. The aspects and position of the moon are of the utmost importance. The person who is requesting the inspection or consultant, is represented by the rule of sign of the first peak in the chart. Planetary aspects for the cusps of the houses were to be regarded as the primary than in other branches of astrology (when it comes to global offices of family doctors who have priority in the analysis champion.) Other elements in Horary Node include antiscion Planetarium, fixed stars and Arabic parts.

Usually a letter first allocation of questions was read, in a private house on the map. For example, ask, Where's my dog is lost? would be represented by the sixth house, like the house regulates the Animals (historicallyin the past, smaller than a goat). The sixth house cusp is in a certain character such as scales. Libra is ruled by Venus, then Venus is believed that the importance of the lost dog. State of Venus in the horoscope (dignity, aspects, etc.) provide information concerning the location of the animal.

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Horoscope Prediction 2016
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