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Unlike western Astrology, where zodiac signs are determined on the basis of DOB and predictions are made on the basis of the planetary constellations, Chinese Astrology 2019 decides on fate by taking into consideration the year of birth. Further, in Chinese Astrology 2019 consults the science of Wuxing or the five elements like Earth, Water, Metal, Fire & Wood.  There are of course 12 zodiac signs in Chinese astrology that come after every 12 years as each zodiac sign rules over 1 complete year. An interesting factor of Chinese Astrology 2019 is the zodiac signs here are named after 12 Animals.

It is believed that before bidding final good bye to this mortal world, Buddha summoned the entire fauna kingdom to pay a last visit. However, only 12 of all actually came to meet him and so they were given special honor by naming zodiac signs after them. Chinese Astrology 2019 is a Rooster Year and brings almost fair fortune to all the remaining astrological signs this year. People born under Rooster sign, however, will face bad luck as it is believed that people born under the influence of a particular Chinese zodiac sign, generally faces bad fortune in the year it rules.

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