Makar Rashifal 2016 in Hindi

We born under this sign are very ambitious, practical, a bit emotional, love and value family above all, opportunist, distant, etc. Career is bound to peak with all the career-supporting good qualities w are naturally blessed with. Harmonious and cordial rapport with seniors, juniors and co-workers at workplaces will be witnessed. Towards the beginning of the 3rd quarter of the year, some minor work tension might build up but can be resolved well with little efforts. Makar Rashifall 2016 indicates that our financial condition will bring smile to our faces where income will be good. Nevertheless, increasing expenses will make appear the wrinkles on forehead as well. Financially, this year will bring mixed results therefore. Health will not be disturbed with any serious issues but overall some forms of minor physiological complications will keep annoying a bit.

We, diagnosed with thyroid, cholesterol, heart diseases etc, should take special care of ourselves.  Makar rashi marriage suggests doing the matrimonial commitment this year finally, and not keeping stretching the relationship for too long. Married life is not to be neglected as career is not the only important factor in life. Try being tolerant to spouse’s emotional needs also. Business/official trips will be plenty

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Makar Rashifal 2016
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