Meen Rashifal 2016 in Hindi

We are imaginative, artistic, dreamy ones, emotional, extra sensitive, sometimes unrealistic, impractical, very compassionate, charitable, easy-going, sensible, romantic etc. Career this year will have mixed results as both growth prospects will be there as well as undue work tension will build up. Towards the ending of the 1st quarter of the year rapport with immediate superior at work place might get disturbed. Financially, it is high time to manage our finances judiciously as too many expenses might result in bankruptcy. We do not need to worry much as income will be good and liquid cash will find a way into our lives.

However, not being able to spend them carefully will have financially disastrous effects. Meen Rashifall 2016 warns us to take very good care of health as too much thinking might cause stress related disorders, neurological issues, and disturb our overall well being. Students studying fashion designing, paintings, crafts work, documentary filmmaking, philosophy, creative writing, animation etc will do exceptionally well. Meen rashi marriage suggests tying the knot after knowing the potential matches for long enough. Love affairs might result into matrimonial alliance towards the end of the year. Avoid long distance tours but, can take short trips for recreation.

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Meen Rashifal 2016
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