Mesh Rashifal 2016 in Hindi

We born under this rashi are very short-tempered, industrious, selfish, impulsive, bold, demanding, determined, loves fast lives etc. As per the reading of  Mesh Rashifal 2016, you will do good this year as far as our career is concerned. There will be sufficient opportunities knocking our door, which needs to be answered timely or result will differ. Transfer of jobs is possible. Students will do good in mathematics, technology, filmmaking, medical science etc. We the businessmen will do well and profits will start incoming towards the middle of the year. Mesh rashi marriage indicates that the singles among us have high chane of getting married this year and also, the marriage will be a satisfying one. Married people, however, will have to take car of their domestic life before it gets too mess up to get things right. 

Chances of occasional fights with spouse cannot be ruled out completely. Our active lifestyle will keep our general health in good form but our over-enthusiasm in taking challenges and seeking adventure can make a toll on our health sometimes. Travelling to nearby tourist spots will keep our mood nice. Savings will be moderate but income will be satisfactory.

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Mesh Rashifal 2016
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