Mithun Rashifal 2016 in Hindi

We under the influence of this sign are very friendly, social, flirtatious, cerebral, impersonal, easily bored, strong-willed, conversationalist etc. Financially this year has got mixed predictions for us as we already know how good we are with money! We fail to keep our finances well managed; therefore, as a result this year is not in good position as far as savings are concerned. Mithun Rashifal 2016 reads that from career point of view the year will not be as disappointing as the financial sphere. Chances of promotions will be there and also relation with co-workers will flourish. Positive attention from superiors will help smoothing the career path even more. Mithun rashi marriage indicates that this year, chances of tying the knot with our desired life partner is stronger than the previous years. Potential matches will come to us through blood relatives.

Arrange marriage has greater possibility and also guarantees more happiness this current year. Our reluctance to join fitness centers and over-indulgence in gastronomical delight will negatively affect our general health. Travelling scopes will be there, specifically during the latter half of the year we might need to travel to other parts of the country on business trips or official matters.

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Mithun Rashifal 2016
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