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For pieces this year may be filled with deceit. Trust people but no not be naive. Your work areas especially will the driving force for you. Take matters seriously and do not neglect issues no matter how small they seem. In the bigger picture they will prove to be fatal. Family time is much needed and you will get that but logical decision must prevail. You need to make certain that you are understood and taking proper future panning into consideration regarding your family is much needed this year. Expect to travel quite a lot this year and a foreign trip seems to be in the books but do not day dream and slack off. Hard work is the key to making this year a success. Pisces Astrology 2019 puts marriage as a vital aspect of the year with great expectancy of you landing a partner.

Even if marriage doesn’t happen expect to be in the company of a very special someone. Pisces   2019 Predictions include that the person may very well be an Aquarius or a Scorpio. Keep in mind that communication is the key though. You needed to converse in order to be known so do not forget that.

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