Singh Rashifal 2016 in Hindi

We are notoriously proud beings, pleasure-seekers, generous, confident, leaders, attention-seekers, selfish, loves flattery and very dominant. Singh Rashifal 2016 indicates a good but also conflicted career as growth prospects will be huge but relation with juniors will not be very positive. Our co-workers might not like our ideas and high-handedness in all the projects assigned to us. Teamwork might get pretty challenging for us. In financial spheres income will be satisfactory and also luckily this year at least savings will be good. Expenses will be somewhat less as there is no prominence of sudden unwanted waste of money. Singh rashi marriage suggests not being impulsive and taking more time to finally settle down with someone in life.

We get very impressed with the appraisals received from others but flattery is generally not genuine. It is good to follow our heart but we should take our brain with us. Health will not be very good and minor health complaints will keep giving us company this year However, no major challenge to our physiological system is evident this current year. Travelling opportunities will not be that much to mention here but road trips might not be at all a good idea for us

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Singh Rashifal 2016
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