Tula Rashifal 2016 in Hindi

This star sign make us very light-hearted as air, adorers of beauty, casual, charming, lazy, absent-minded, happy, charismatic etc. Tula Rashifall 2016 shows that we will be financially in a very comfortable position all through the year. However, expenses are required to be done judiciously to be happy financially as luxury items tempt us to overspend.  Career road will be a bit bumpy this year that will get sorted with little efforts only. Growth prospects will be there and also chances of doing side income are present. Relation with superiors at workplaces might get a bit tensed so do not argue. Tula rashi marriage will be in favor of us who are still looking for true love as we will come across a few potential matches this year.

Married life might get tainted with some conflicts, arguments and occasional fights, but nevertheless on an overall basis it is fine. Health might cause some tension but it would be the health issues of our children. We might get worried with our kid’s health as astrological reading says they might suffer. Our own health too sometimes might get upset but no major health issue is there. Travelling to tourist destinations is sure to happen.

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Tula Rashifal 2016
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