Vrischika Rashifal 2016 in Hindi

This star sign makes us very possessive, dominant, courageous, reflective, passionate, extremes, bossy, very emotional, revenge-seeking, bold etc. Vrishchik Rashifall 2016 promises good career growth where our colleagues and also superiors will understand our worth. Teamwork will be very good and rewards in professional life in forms of promotions are not impossible. From financial angle, this year will support comfortable and luxury family life and also savings will be impressive. We will be able to manage our finances well by cutting down unnecessary and meaningless expenses. Vrishhik rashi marriage suggests tying knots with suitable match towards the end of the year. Married life will not be very smooth unless we tone down our bossy attitude, meddling nature and temperaments.

Health might get disturbed due to over indulgence in work. Taking tours to countryside, hill stations and other health tourism can be very beneficial. Travelling scopes are in plenty this year hence, make a trip to attractive as well as healthy locations that will improve family ties further. Diabetes, hypertension, gynecology related disorders might affect the general health.  It is a good year to start family planning for us as astrological readings suggest possibility of harmonious atmosphere at home with coming of new members.

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Vrischika Rashifal 2016
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