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The origins of astrology, which was created much in Asia, Europe and the Middle East are among the ancient Babylonians and the path of celestial omens that began to be compiled in the middle of the second millennium BC. This method has been extended, either directly or indirectly through the Babylonians to other areas, such as China and Greece, where they merged with existing indigenous forms of astrology. It was a start as early as the mid-4th Century BC to the late second or early 1st Century BC, after the conquest of Alexandria, this Babylonian astrology was mixed with the Egyptian generate custom astrology Astrology astrology Decanic Greece.

This is called Astrology Astrologys , because in contrast to earlier traditions, the use of the Ascendant, also known as horoskopos ( marker time ) engaged in the Greek, and the twelve celestial houses which are derived. The emphasis on the individual birth chart, as derived from the position of the planets and stars at birth, represents the largest contribution, and change the usual emphasis on the work of Hellenistic astrology. This new kind of astrology spread rapidly in the old world of Europe and the Middle East.

Hellenistic astrology is a practice of astrology Astrology is developed and implemented in Hellenistic Egypt and the Mediterranean, the texts were written in Greek (or sometimes in Latin) to the end of the first century or the beginning of the second Christ. Although the Hellenistic period ended successfully in the first part of the city, was this kind of astrology, in the work of the first Hellenistic developed mainly played in its original form until the sixth or seventh century and is therefore often referred to as Hellenistic astrology.

Several Hellenistic astrologers attribute its creation to a mythical statement called Hermes Trismegistus. Hermes said he wrote several important texts which form the basis of the technical development of the method of astrology, which was inherited from the Babylonians and Egyptians. Several contributors mention Hermes, that the first draft of the houses and their meanings, and thus the houses generally are considered to date from the early Hellenistic level and are one of the most important factors influencing the definition of Hellenistic astrology and other forms of astrology Babylonian astrology, Astrologys and other separate traditions in different parts of the world. This method of astrology Astrology is then to another mythical character named Asclepius, that several of the Hermetic writings are transferred discussed.

This complex method of astrology has developed to such an extent that the later tradition has some significant changes to the method, and many of the same elements of astrology Astrology, which are developed in the work of the Hellenistic period made still in use by astrologers today.

After the procedure Firmicus mother was then transferred to an Egyptian pharaoh and priest named Nechepso Petosiris. several books should be written to explain the process and it is from this text have that most astrologers Hellenistic and pull content directly. This method is the basis of all later forms of astrology Astrology.

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